Buy. Grind. Pack. Smoke. Repeat.

Being around people on acid is fucking hilarious.

29 July 2013 acid

1.5 oz for Warped. 4 more days!

29 July 2013


Let me make something clear: there is nothing wrong with smoking weed. There is nothing wrong with drinking. Likewise, there is nothing wrong with being straight edge.


It becomes a problem when weed smoking and drinking interfere with someone’s ability to function normally in society, and straight edge becomes a problem when you decide to shove your choices down someone else’s throat.

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This Blue Dream is crazy as fuck but I love it 👍👌


This Blue Dream is crazy as fuck but I love it 👍👌

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Take shrooms get fucked.

25 February 2013


Happy Birthday to a legend and inspiration. Bob Marley, this pre-dentist blunt goes out to you.

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If I wake up on the 21st and I’m not begging the world to end then I did not celebrate properly.

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bubba church joint


bubba church joint

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So cats can have catnip but I cant have weed wow I see how it is

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